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Artists of Robbin Gallery

The artists of the Robbin Gallery are listed alphabetically below.  
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Mullany, Marla

Oil, sculpture, jewelry

I do impressionistic oil painting, often plein air.  I use vibrant colors for everyday scenes.  My sculpture is figurative usually for outdoors, but increasingly I'm using other mediums.  My jewelry is very funky and colorful.


Nafranowicz, Lida

Oil, Acrylic Painting


Neimi, John C.


Intimate Pixels - The use of abstraction enables me to engage color, texture and shape to create a pixelated form.  Hidden in most digital images, I use the pixel to tell the story.  Its presence is essential to define the visual field - transition from one color to another, the shape and movement within the image. The pixel informs the viewer and at the same time hides the within the image.  It is a result of thousands of on/off computer contortions.

I was in a show, Color Clarity, at the ArtReach gallery in Stillwater for the month of March 2018 and several pieces are in a juried show, Biomimicry, in St. Charles, IL in May.

In a visual and digital world I am challenged to paint with the computer.

PRESS RELEASE: Provided by Robbin Gallery 4/20/2007

I am an “emerging, artist” somewhat recently returned to my life-long interest in the creative process. I began dabbling in computer generated art in 2009 and upon retirement in 2011 have since undertaken more serious study. I studied visual communications and photography at the Institute of Design in Chicago. The advent of digital cameras and computer editing enabled me to combine both original disciplines. In a visually driven, digital world it made sense to “paint with a mouse”.

I would describe my work as abstract spaces and places. Using the pixel, most often hidden in a digital image, I engage the flow of one color to the next, develop texture, and with the juxtaposition of positive and negative space  to create a visually stimulating experience.

Whether horizons or landscapes, interpreted by the human eye and driven by memory or imagination, you can get lost in the image. Is it a monolith, a sacred place, dangerous or inviting place? What’s over the horizon? If you scraped away the buildings, roads and other manmade objects is the land energizing or foreboding? Have I been there before or do I want to be there?

Colors, shapes, distortion or clarity will mean different things. The graphic remains constant, the engagement is a unique experience. I invite the viewer to explore these spaces and places with me.

When I started experimenting in 2009, an image began as a drawing generated in Windows Paint – as simple a graphic tool as possible. The image was then often transferred to a digital edition program and further manipulated. Over the past 4-5 years, I started using digital photographs. Ignoring the actual picture and looking at it as if a color pallet. I manipulate the pixels, stretching and reshaping them beyond recognition. The result is an image from my series – Horizons or Landscapes.

Some day we may have to tell stories of butterflies, bees and fireflies to our children and grandchildren. How does one explain the wonder of a butterfly fluttering in the breeze, flitting from flower to flower. My Butterflies attempt to capture this experience – the shape, texture and movement without the textbook description.

While maintaining the basic form my butterflies may reflect the influence of Paul Klee’s child-like spaces, the amusement of an Alexander Calder or the vivid O’Keefe pallet. The fanciful insects are there to delight the senses. I additionally, assign each a unique scientific name to reflect its true nature.


Newman, Bob


Seeing and photographing interesting and beautiful things in nature and everyday surroundings often suggests a story and a painting title which brings inspiration to start another painting. The sources of many of my paintings come from scenes near our cabin on Fish Trap Lake, Cushing, MN. I hope that you enjoy my depiction of nature’s creations as much as I enjoy painting them.

Bob was born with severe Hemophilia Type A and has experienced numerous life threatening and crippling challenges. In 2005 he was honored by the MN/Dakota Hemophilia Chapter with the  Lifetime Achievement award. Bob painted his first oil painting at fourteen when his Aunt sent him some brushes and oil paint while confined to bed with a lingering illness. Before graduating from high school, he was well known by his classmates for his colored pencil drawings. Deciding to attend art school, he started his own sign and showcard painting business for tuition and art supplies, often trading showcards for food at a hamburger shop near the art school.
Bob attended Minneapolis School of Art (now Minneapolis Collage of Art and Design) and Gene Hundredmark Graphic Arts School before entering the commercial art field in 1951. After a few months of working for advertising agencies, he started doing technical illustration for a farm machinery manufacturer. In 1961, he and a copywriter founded Manual-matic Company and operated it as owner and President for 43 years. Most of his work was black and white exploded view line drawings. During those years, he occasionally painted watercolor landscapes. In 2004, Bob finally shut down his illustration business and followed the urge to oil paint landscapes, still life, portraits (adults, children and pets) and florals.

Price for framed oil paintings are based on size and complexity but most are in the $195.00 to $900.00 range. I prefer working with the subject on portrait commissions or if photos are the only thing available they should be several views from different angles (no flash). All commissions require 50% down before starting.

Associate member of Oil Painters of America
Active member of Great River Arts Assn., Little Falls, MN
Sustaining member and Treasurer of Hennepin Artists of Robbin Gallery, Robbinsdale, MN
Member of the Northwestern Suburbs Art Crawl, Maple Grove, MN

Personal: (612) 860-9931   Home: (763) 537-5124



Pappas, Sharon

Watercolor, Oil Painting


Paprock, John Brian

Photography, Painting, Pastel

Recently - a wide variety of photography and face painting.  In the past - Art of Healing Project (pastels)



Perlbachs, Victor

I am a member of the Brush Pilots watercolor group. We exhibited at the Gallery in June 2016.  I enjoy painting urban landscapes and like to represent my subjects in an unexpected way.

I have had several group and one-person shows over the years.


Peters, Michael J.

Photography, Oil Painting, Poetry

I am a multifarious artist.  I dig photography, film and digital. I dig impressionist oil painting.  I dig graphic design, writing poetry, singing and playing music, and acting.  My passion is to create works of art that I love and others can enjoy.  I was born and raised in St. Louis Park, MN where I attended high school and discovered my talents for painting, acting, singing, and writing.  I pursued poetry at the U of MN, taking 4 semesters of peotry workshops.  My wife and I, along with our 4 young children, live in Crystal.


Pobuda, Gera

Visual Artist, Painter

I have painted a series expressing "Bohemian Flats," immigration, assimilation, and desired better life in America.  I organized the Bohemian Flats Day event.


Prokofieff, Karen

Watercolor, Pencil, Chalk, Pottery

I have been a member for many years.  I have a studio and have done pottery and three-dinensional art for many years.


Proulx, Michael

Oil and Acrylic Painting

I like to paint large paintings with acrylics and oils in a photorealistic style.  My inspiration comes from photographs of tightly packed urban areas.  I see them as abstractions.   



Randall, Lee

Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Charcoal


Reese-Olson, Janice

Pastel and Oil Painting

I am a self-taught artist working in pastel and oil. I attend workshops at least once a year with well-known international artisis. I love to draw the place where land meets water. I paint outside in the landscape where sounds and seasons excite my inner  soul. I am a member of the North Country Pastel Society, Hopkins Center for the Arts, and a long-time member of the Robbin gallery.


Reisdorf, Luke

Encaustic, Sharpie, Digital Art


Reiss, Harriet

Collage, Watercolor


Reynen, Tom


I am a photographer and am primarily interested in travel, nature, and architectural photography.  I am Vice-President of Gallery 96, a non-profit arts organization for the northern St. Paul suburbs and am a member of AZ Gallery, an artist cooperative in the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul.  I show my work in a variety of locations including the St. Paul Art Crawl where I serve as chair of the PR Committee.  My latest passion is using computer software to digitally enhance and manipulate my photo images.


Robinson, Arthur

Oil Paintings and Collage

Originally from New York City, Arthur now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Arthur studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City under the tutelage of Francis Criss , Jack Potter and Eugene Karlin.  After three years of study at the School of Visual Arts, Arthur continued his studies at the Art Students League (New York City) where he studied for four years under the guidance of Robert Brackman, and David Leffel,. Arthur has also taught painting at the School of Visual Arts with the Alumni Society.

Website link:


Ruskin-Shanklin, Elizabeth

Painting, Collage

I have a BFA from UW Superior, painting and dance…what an experience in my 20's to explore media with materials and gesture.  The gesture of the arm, the texture and abstractions are the focus of my work. Then I jump back to collage and color and new ways of seeing.  I am presently working in abstractions and looking forward to some plein air abstract spring landscapes.


Sable, Jack

Pastel, Oil Painting

Hobby Artist


Schalles, Marjorie

Painting, Collage, Encaustic

I have been painting and exhibiting since I moved to Minneapolis in 1994.  I live in NE Minneapolis and paint in acrylics, mixed media, encaustic and collage.  I have a working studio in my home and an ongoing display at the Northrup King Building and I am happy to say that I retired from my job in July of 2015. I hope to let my art take me places expected and unexpected.