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Artists of Robbin Gallery

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Entries in Acrylic (5)


Arneson, Heidi

Acrylic Painting

I am mostly a plein air visual artist and paint portraits in acrylic.

I write plays and perform as a storyteller, teach creativity workshops and also write some fiction.


Dungey, Rita

Acrylic, Mixed Media Collage


Mittelstadt, Richard


To mimimize my perfectionist desire to paint everything accurately, I place more emphasis on the process instead of the product.  I enjoy the journey of the painting.  I focus on what looks good and less on what looks right.

I am an acrylic painter dabbling in non-objective, abstract, and representational art forms.  Most of my current work is non-objective but I have a strong desire to get back to abstract landscapes.  Time will tell if I have found the inspiration to explore that form of art and subject again in thenext several months.




Mornson, Rena

I was born into an artistic family in Southern California.  In my earliest beginnings I fell in love with the ocean and sea life.  This is what I love to paint. My clients, however, like pencil portraits. 10% of profit goes to the Preservation of our Oceans. 

You can view my website at


Weseman, Theresa

I began painting in 2001.  I work as a graphic designer and painting helps me step away from the computer.  I am an active member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society.  I have met many wonderful people through painting.