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Artists of Robbin Gallery

The artists of the Robbin Gallery are listed alphabetically below.  
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Entries in Watercolor (8)


Allen, Gloria

Acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, and jewelry design

I paint and draw with many mediums. I am designing jewelry and accessories, and have worked with stained glass, mosiacs and sculpture.


Falk, Tamra

Textiles, Pencils, Watercolor

I appreciate the art in everything I see. I have been finding the artist in me later in life.  I've begun to draw and paint and I work with textiles.  Last year I showed and sold my first painting and it felt great.


Feyen, Gary

Calligraphy in ink and watercolor

I have been doing calligraphy for about 15 years. I am past president of the local guild, Colleagues of Calligraphy. I have some work displayed on walls in my church, Faith Lilac Way.  I have also done some painting in watercolor and oils.


Halverson, Christine

Watercolor Painting

Nature and the northern wilderness has been an important part of my life and is reflected in my subject matter.  I choose to paint the interpretations that exist in my heart, lending a peaceful tone and slightly abstract quality to my work.  

I became passionate about watercolor painting in 1980 as a student of Cheng-Khee Chee at the University of MN Duluth. I was unfortunately unable to pursue painting due to family and career for the following 30 years. I very happily re-discovered my passion for watercolor painting again in January of 2011.
The peaceful beauty of nature is a great part of my life and is reflected in my choice of subject matter. I choose to paint the interpretations of nature that exist in my heart, creating somewhat abstracted images. I relish the release of the paint itself, either controlling it or allowing it to flow and create it's own unique patterns.  For me, the thrill is in the process of creation, the exploration of color and the excitement of new ideas.

My price ranges are determined by the size of the piece.  An 11x14 watercolor is $250.  One 15x22 is roughly $450-$500. Giclee prints are available on some of my works and I offer black archival quality matts & backing with the purchase of an 8x10 or 11x14 giclee print.  I would consider commission work depending on the subject matter.


Jacobson, Nancy

Watercolor, Beading, Jewelry

I am a beginning watercolor artist. I bead and use fine art clay for jewelry. I am semi-retired and live Up North in the summer and fall.  I rehab houses in the wintertime. I retired from the Department of Corrections.


Longaecker, CJ


I use a variety of techniques such as wet on wet, big brush and direct to paper to achieve the particular effect or emotion I am trying to convey.  I am a longtime gallery member and have been fortunate to have won many awards and have hosted 2 solo shows.


Perlbachs, Victor

I am a member of the Brush Pilots watercolor group. We exhibited at the Gallery in June 2016.  I enjoy painting urban landscapes and like to represent my subjects in an unexpected way.

I have had several group and one-person shows over the years.


Weseman, Theresa

I began painting in 2001.  I work as a graphic designer and painting helps me step away from the computer.  I am an active member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society.  I have met many wonderful people through painting.