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January 3 - 28 2017:  W.A.R.M Group
"Zoetic: Our Cumulative Legacy" 

Jan. 31 - Feb. 25 2017; Sylvia Horwitz & Peter Truran
"Land. Water. Life."

March 2 - April 1 2017; "March Madness"
Robbin Gallery Member's Show 

April 4 - 29 2017; Robbinsdale Schools
Secondary Schools Art Show

May 2 - 27 2017; Nathan Stromberg

May 30 - June 24 2017; Rena Mornson

June 29 - July 29 2017; "Whiz Bang"
Robbin Gallery Member's Show

Aug. 1 - 26 2017; Mike Proulx & Carl Johnson

Aug. 29 - Sept. 23 2017; CJ Longaeker 

Sept. 26 - Oct. 21 2017; Courage Center

November; (Date TBT 2017) 
"Extremely Minnesota"

December; (Date TBT 2017) 
"Art Is Primary"


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Extremely Minnesota 2012

16th Annual "Extremely Minnesota" Juried Art Show

November 10 - December 15, 2012


October 2012; Medium as Muse

Medium as Muse

October 2 - 27 2012

A four person show featuring Oils, Watercolors, and Pastels

 Julie Allen, Melody O. Allen, Mary Quinlivan, Wendy Sallman


September 2012 Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson: Art from Two Centurys

My vision for this exhibition is that it will show some of the joy and excitement which I find in seeing certain visual elements present in many different places in nature & the fun I have in interpreting these natural elements. A few of my oldest works have been included in order to show a thread of continuity which exists throughout, from the oldest to the most recent works, so there is somewhat of a retrospective character to the show.  My artwork begins with carefully observing what is around me. Usually I am  interested & moved by aspects of nature such as patterns, contour, form, and color relationships.  I absorb these aspects and at some point I begin mentally visualizing artworks and making studies.  Thus begins the process of interpretation.  I try to take a playful approach to interpreting and composing with these naturalistic aspects. During the process of creation I may simplify forms, enhance patterns & rhythms, and/or exaggerate color. I like to find a balance between preconception & spontaneity, and to allow the natural elements to take on abstract qualities. This interpretation serves to make the artwork its own new reality & yet it is one that springs from and reflects the natural world around us. I find that this territory between naturalism and full abstraction to be the most rewarding to explore.


August 2012 Michael Proulx

Paintings From The Lens  



July 2012, Whiz Bang Show