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January - Ming Chiao Chapter January 2-27

February - Robbinsdale Historical Society January 30 - February 24

March - March Madness Member’s Show dates 

April - Secondary Student Show dates 

May - John Niemi May 1 - May 26

June - Yelena Kurdyumova and Sergey Porada May 29 - June 23

July - Whiz Bang Member’s Show Dates TBD

August - Richard Mittlestadt July 31 - August 25

September - Christine Halverson August 28 - September 22

October - Joan Orozco / Yvonne Foster September 25 - October 20

November - Extremely Minnesota Dates TBD

December - Art is Primary Dates TBT

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October Member Meeting Minutes 10/15/2016

In attendance: President Jeanne Johnson, Vice President Vienna Volante, Secretary Mike Proulx, Treasurer, Carl Johnson, and 13 additional Robbin Gallery members.

Secretary’s Report: Mike Proulx read the minutes from our last meeting March 13 2016.

Treasurer’s Report: Carl Johnson reported current account balance of $5,070.93. The Whiz Bang show took in $375 and had expenses of $321. Art On the Lawn took in $255 and had expenses of $278.

Extremely Minnesota 2016: The show will run from November 10 to December 10, 2016. Carl and Jeanne Johnson are organizing the exhibit. The judge this year will be David Feinberg, an associate professor of drawing and painting at the University of Minnesota. Artwork will be accepted at the gallery Saturday, October 29, 4pm - 6 pm and Sunday, October 30, 1pm - 3 pm. Mike Proulx and Peter Truran volunteered to check in entries Saturday. Carl and Jeanne Johnson will be there on Sunday.

Donation to Arts in Harmony: Bob Meyer proposed that Robbin Gallery sponsor a $100 award in the coming “Arts in Harmony” juried exhibit. The idea was discussed and it was concluded to be a good way to promote the gallery. A question was raised as to how the choice would be made. Jeanne J. offered to pose the question to Bob before we committed to sponsoring the award.

“Give to the Max” day: Should we try to promote “Give to the Max”? After some discussion the general conclusion was that it is not needed.

Two new gallery positions: Public Relations Director, John Neimi, and Rotational Shows Director, Christine Halvorson

Exhibit schedule for 2017:

January: Jauary 3 - 28; W.A.R.M. group

February: January 31 - February 25; Sylvia Horowitz & Peter Truran

March: Dates TBD; March Madness member’s show

April: April 4 - 29 (tenative); Secondary Schools Art Show - Robbinsdale Schools

May: May 2 - 27; Nathan Stromberg

June: May 30 - June 24; Rena Mornson, “Aquarius Waters”

July: Dates TBD; Whiz Bang member’s show

August: August 1 - 26; Carl Johnson and Mike Proulx

September: August 29 - September 23; CJ Longaecker and Dave Ehret

October: September 26 - October 21; Courage Center

November: Dates TBD; Extremely Minnesota Juried Show

December: December 19 - 30(tenative); “Art Is Primary”, Robbinsdale Schools Submitted by Secretary, Mike Proulx 10/15/2016