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January - Wrestling with the Arts dates TBD

February - Healing Dolls - Barb Kobe - 1/31 to 2/23

March - March Madness Member Show - 3/2 to 3/30

April - Secondary Student Show dates TBD

May - Margarita Stantchevski - 5/7 to 6/1

June - Annie Young - 6/4 to 6/29

July - Whiz Bang Member Show dates TBD

August - Terrace Legacy Project - 8/6 to 8/31

September - Karen Monson and Nancy Bundy - 9/3 to 9/28

October - Greg Lecker - 10/1 to 10/26

November - Extremely Minnesota dates TBD

December - Art is Primary dates TBD








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Margarita George - Artist Bio 

Margarita George was born is Burgas, Bulgaria in 1951. As a child, she dreamed of working with paints
but her parents pointed her towards more technical work, specifically in the field of mechanical
engineering. Following her education, she worked as an engineer in hydraulic equipment alongside
being an instructor at a Technical High School. When she arrived to the United States in 1997 she
pursued work as an Equipment Technician at General Electric until her retirement from the company in
Now in her Golden Years she has the opportunity to pursue her childhood dream. Being entirely self-
taught, she began to educate herself through literature and online tutorials. Initially, her style leaned
towards impressionism but eventually evolved into realism where she enjoys the difficult elements and
complex details in her work.
Whether it is an ocean landscape, portrait, or wildlife, the focus of her paintings revolves around what
inspires her and what she finds unique and beautiful. She is drawn to her art through an internal
manifestation of passion for the beautiful things in the world around us. Her work evokes an emotion
among those who value art as they are drawn by the message it promotes.