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January - Wrestling with the Arts dates TBD

February - Healing Dolls - Barb Kobe - 1/31 to 2/23

March - March Madness Member Show - 3/2 to 3/30

April - Secondary Student Show dates TBD

May - Margarita Stantchevski - 5/7 to 6/1

June - Annie Young - 6/4 to 6/29

July - Whiz Bang Member Show dates TBD

August - Terrace Legacy Project - 8/6 to 8/31

September - Karen Monson and Nancy Bundy - 9/3 to 9/28

October - Greg Lecker - 10/1 to 10/26

November - Extremely Minnesota dates TBD

December - Art is Primary dates TBD








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Mother-Daughter Duo to Debut Community Sign Project at Whiz Bang Days

Patti Paulson stands with sample signs she created in anticipation of a community project sponsored by Cultivate Bottineau.

Sun Post News: Robbinsdale artist and activist Patti Paulson said a do-it-yourself sign idea has been in the back of her head for the better part of a year. She, along with her daughter, Nexus Trueself, has been busy gathering discarded signs from candidates of past elections, cutting the signs into new forms and splashing on a fresh cost of paint. Each sign will remain blank until a new owner comes to claim it.

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