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2014 Exhibit Schedule

April 2 - 26, "Underlying Structures"
Bonnie Cutts, Cythia Starkweather-Nelson
Opening Reception, April 5, 4 - 7pm 

April 30 - May 24, Jerry LeFevre 
"Twenty First Century Digital Prints" 

May 28 - June 26
"Paintings of Distant Places"
Florence Hill, Cynthia Kath, Frank B. Wetzel 

July, "Whiz Bang", Members' show


Free Special Event

Friday April 18 @ 1pm

    Presentation on Golden Acrylic materials:

Throughout this two-hour presentation, you will hear tons of information about a variety of Golden acrylics and the inherent possibilities of acrylic materials. Extensive information about acrylic paints, gels and mediums is presented, including OPEN, the slower drying acrylic paint, and High Flow, the acrylic paint that is the consistency of an acrylic ink. Learn about Digital Mixed Media grounds, materials that push the versatility of acrylics even further by mixing up printmaking, photography and painting. You will have an opportunity to feel how paints and gels mix together, as well as see several examples of materials in a variety of applications. See how you can extend your paint to save yourself money and how to mix gels with paints to create gorgeous textures and surfaces on which to paint. Open to all levels of painting experience. Information packets and free samples provided for all attending.

*Registration Required  - please message the Gallery if you are interested in attending. Presentation will not be offered with less than 10 registrants.

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We are both acrylic painters and share a love of expressing what we feel important through our art. We have exhibited together on numerous occasions over the years, dating back to the early 1980's.

Although our imagery is quite different we see a strong connection in that we both look deep within; Bonnie most recently into neuroimaging, digital images of brain neurons, and Cynthia into the surface of water and what lies hidden below.  We both work to reveal what is buried inside of our images, Bonnie quite literally with her textural surfaces, and Cynthia with her beautifully executed glazing layers of the water.  Bonnie’s sgraffito techniques reveal what is under the surface and the etched lines resonant with Cynthia’s linear reeds and the water.

 There is a conversation between the swirling images on the surface of Cynthia’s water and the visual dance of materials in Bonnie’s viscous surfaces. It is clear that what is not seen is as important as what is on the surface.

Once presented together, the work sings.

Bonnie Cutts
Cynthia Starkweather-Nelson